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Feature roadmap planned for upcoming release.


  • Upload log to pastebin
  • Launch MiSTer script support
  • API endpoint with platform and version info
  • Migrate from mage for build process
    • Go tasks
    • Don't use UPX anymore
    • Set up for better multi-platform builds
    • Use zip file for MiSTer downloader repo
    • Include version number in zip filename
  • Use sequential IDs for mappings
  • Add system metadata to external files and restore API/TapTUI functionality
  • Move app version to config module
  • Fix feedback sounds not working
  • Mini scripting support for keyboard
  • Allow random command to launch folders
  • Implement the filename search launch format (<system>/<filename query>)
    • Add a specific search-and-launch command
    • Add format to generic launch string: if file arg is not an explicit existing file match, it's not a folder, it has no file extension
  • Decouple libnfc from daemon loop, implement concept of generic "readers"


  • Shareable mappings
  • Tokenizer for token text
  • Add game identification with GameID
  • API features
    • Allow search/filter based on path
    • List top level folders (?)
    • Show subfolders in search results
    • Check for image on disk and serve


  • Decouple libnfc from daemon
  • New "generic serial" driver to support MiSTerRFID and other MCU-based NFC readers
  • Improve feedback of errors to user (popup window on screen?)
  • Gamepad input support
  • Launching and indexing .mgl files on mister (including from menu)