FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

From TapTo

Is there a way to get the game to save automatically when you use the “Exit game when token is removed” feature of TapTo?

This is sadly not possible due to a limitation of the MiSTer project which requires the OSD to be opened in order to save. Always make sure you open the OSD to write your saves to disk before exiting the game.

Does TapTo on MiSTer support Neo Geo?

Yes, with some caveats. If you want the easier experience, you'll need to find or convert your Neo Geo games to the .neo format. This will allow them to be picked up by tools such as TapTo Life's search. The regular folder and .zip format also work with TapTo, but you will have to write them to a token manually. For example, NeoGeo/mslug and NeoGeo/mslug2.zip will both work fine for launching.